Our Services

Food Service

We have extensive relationships with large distributors such as Sysco and U.S. Foods. We make in person sales calls at the wholesale as well as the operator level.

For the foodservice operator, our sales strategy is focused primarily on multi-unit chain and large single unit accounts.

Retail Headquarters

Retail food chains are a growing segment of our overall business. We make sales calls to the headquarters of large retailers such as Kroger, Whole Foods and Earth Fare.

Our products have gained distribution in several key grocery chains.

Fry Krisp Cajun Fish

Success Story

Fry Krisp Products

When Fry Krisp Products appointed Food Partners as their broker, they had very limited business in the Southeast. Within six months, we obtained new business for the line with New Ocean Seafood, PFS Atlanta, and U.S. Foods!

Product Training

When we achieve distribution for a product, we conduct in depth training with the distributor's sales teams to help them better understand and market the products effectively.

This ensures that the product doesn’t become just another item on a list.

Food Shows

We represent products at various food and trade shows throughout the year. This allows us to obtain sales leads and contacts.

We quickly convert many of these leads into new business.