About Us

Food Partners was founded in 2009 by food industry veteran
Jon Immke on a simple idea: Even modestly sized companies deserve great representation from their broker.

During his over 30 years working in the food industry, Jon noticed that food brokerages were consolidating and becoming bigger and bigger. As a result many smaller mid-sized companies were having trouble finding good sales representation. He decided to form Food Partners to address that need.

He started small, and quickly found that there was a huge demand from companies that knew they had a great product but didn't quite have the budget to hire a sales team to expand into new territory. Through time, Food Partners became a solid, reliable option for companies looking to expand their growth in a cost effective way.

The concept of fair representation has worked well for us and our principals. Over the 9 years we have been in business, we have grown into a focused, agile team that is distributed over our service area. Because we keep our costs down, we are able to give every line we represent the time it deserves. Our principals appreciate our enthusiasm, many of them are experiencing sales growth for the first time in years.

Are you looking for a new start? Drop us a line.