Our Products

We proudly represent these lines. We're always looking to add more — want to see yours here? Let's talk!

  • Chikrii Rice

    Mexican Style Rice                

  • Deep River Snacks

    High quality kettle chips with diverse flavors and worldwide distribution.

  • Devanco Foods

    Quality Specialty Meats                

  • Godshall’s

    Quality Turkey Bacon & Turkey Sausage

  • Health Pro Brands

    Organic Food Products                

  • Noosa

    Gourmet Quality Yoghurt                

  • Orange Bakery

    Croissants, Turnovers and other desserts for foodservice.

  • Passport Foods

    Delicious Appetizers                

  • Pastorelli Foods

    High Quality Italian Foods                

  • Patricia Quintana

    Authentic Mexican Salsa                

  • Pidy Gourmet

    RTF Pastry Shells

  • Sweet Ballz

    Mini Cakes (Thaw & Serve)